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A tailored fit,
without a stitch!

Three-quarter length sleeves are universally the most flattering and slimming for all body shapes.  You instantly look thinner!  But if you've struggled with sleeves that are too long or just won't stay up on their own, ArmBand-Its are the perfect solution.  These patent-pending bands allow you to easily change your sleeve length, without a tailor.  They're comfortable to wear and slip off at the end of the day. 

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A tailored fit, without a stitch!

Wearing ArmBand-Its

The must have accessory for every wardrobe.  It is the simple fashion hack that allows you to instantly adjust the length of your sleeves.  Perfect for petite women (no more tailoring) and for achieving three-quarter length sleeves which are instantly slimming!  Our patent pending design is comfortable and slips off at the end of the day (or night) with no damage to the fabrics.  The best thing is that ArmBand-Its stay hidden where you place them! ArmBand-Its work for a variety of clothing from blazers and sweaters, to blouses and tunics.

What Makes Them So Unique?



Arm yourself with these simple little accessories - and enjoy the freedom to wear whatever you like. From blouses and blazers to tunics and sweaters, you can customize the sleeve length for your perfect fit.


Go ahead, break up with your tailor! Buy what you love from any store, with no need for special-size shops or expensive alterations. ArmBand-Its give any garment that impeccably tailored “custom fit”: A Tailored Fit Without A Stitch!


The right sleeve length showcases the natural elegance of your wrists and hands, along with the beautiful jewelry on them. Show off those gorgeous bracelets and watches – you’ve worked hard for them!


You’ve suffered long enough for fashion – it’s time to say goodbye to uncomfortable clothes. With five easygoing sizes, ArmBand-Its are so comfortable and discreet that no one will know they’re there, but everyone will notice their stylish effect!


Whatever the season, these timeless accessories are there for you. They work beautifully with any fabric – from supple linen, delicate cashmere, or whisper-thin silk, to the bulkiest tweeds and hand-knit wools.


We all have our secrets! With two colors to choose from (and more on the way!), ArmBand-Its effortlessly blend with practically any color you wear. Your sleeves will always look impeccable – and no one has to know why (we promise not to tell)! 

See ArmBand-Its in Action

You may be thinking: Do I really need these? That’s what we used to think, too! But after spending hundreds of dollars over the years on tailoring, and hundreds of minutes rolling up our sleeves over and over again, we realized there was a better solution. We designed ArmBand-Its for ourselves, but they work so well, we want to share them with you! Here’s how they can help you!

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ArmBand-Its Starter Set
ArmBand-Its Starter Set ArmBand-Its Starter Set ArmBand-Its Starter Set

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FREE SHIPPING! ArmBand-its are made to be simple and comfortable. Choose the best color for your garment and no one will know you are wearing them. Keep a set in your wardrobe, purse, at the office! For sizing simply measure your bare arm right above the elbow and then select that size. If you measure in between a size round up to the next available size. Example: If you measure 8.5" we recommend ordering the 9".

Hear what people are saying!

I can't tell you enough how transforming ArmBand-Its can be! Especially because I'm on the shorter side, proportion is key. You gotta show off those skinny wrists.

– Sharon- Petite Fashionista

I spend a lot on tailoring to alter the sleeves of suits and often I have to lose some of the buttons on the cuff. ArmBand-Its not only solved my sleeve problem but I also feel I look so much thinner when my sleeves are pushed up.

– Lisa- Teacher

There is no tailoring that can change a sleeve that is too short and sometimes rolling a sleeve does not look polished especially in the office. With ArmBand-Its no one knows that my sleeves are too short, all they see is a perfect 3/4 sleeve and my jewelry.

– Michelle- Retail Executive

As a busy working mom chasing after a toddler, ArmBand-Its are the cat’s meow! They have allowed me to keep my clothes food, crumb, and stain-free because the bands allow me to easy adjust the sleeve of my shirts on a whim.

– Jody- Working Mother